Posted by SPOTCO on Jan 2014

Still making games and living the dream, though school and other things have been taking waaay too much time. Recently started up UW GameDev club, and that's been a good excuse to do TA-ish public speaking again. In addition, most likely going back to Zynga this summer.

Some fun times since I last wrote, got BTFO-ed at the last two hackathons I went to. First was the Facebook global finals back November 2013. Since we were in the south bay area, tracked down Marty Stepp's class and sat in it.

Stanford students are way more hardcore than the ones here at UW (you could tell by just the kind of questions they were asking). But funny thing, the assignments he was giving out were literally just the same ones he did here, but in C++. Just imagine all your favorites like Critters, Huffman, etc. The website (in the back of the picture) was straight copied as well.

Onto the Facebook hackathon itself, didn't even get to meet the Zuckerberg (only reason to be there). There was Sheryl Sandberg, though I think I walked in 10 mins late to her speech. lol.

I tried to do a full 3d Online FPS game in Unity, but it was bungled pretty hard. I ended up doing both the networking AND 3D-gameplay parts, though not really finishing the networking in time. Felt so bad I worked on it more when I got back. Hopefully still online, Shoot3Kill.

More recently did another hackathon, David and I finally made the rhythm game we always wanted to make.

We worked with two really great artists from Graphic Novel Society, Ciera and Yasu. I think it's probably the greatest thing I've ever made (even though we didn't win anything :( ).

STILL working on Speedypups too. Waiting on assets for lab 3, and a few random menu stuff. I hope my next post will be about its release!