Speedy Pups

Posted by spotco on Febuary 23, 2013

Work on the iOS runner game continues, managed to get quite a bit of work done over break (less so since classes have started again). Did a ton of improvements to the AutoLevel (think of it as the infinite part of infinite runner) system, optimizations (check out my FUQQIN BEYOND EXPERT opengl optimization right there BatchDraw) and added a first boss to the game. More recently, added soundeffects (made myself in sfxr, NOT final :)), and various animations/fixes. Latest video (at time of writing) here:

The game engine's basically complete, but now the real hard part begins. I need to actually MAKE the game with all the content. This basically comes down to grinding out about 50 or so level sections for the infinite mode, which I never realised would be so time consuming. I'm going to try to keep on a schedule of 2 level sections every day from today on, but that's going to be approximately 2 hours every day doing that. That's the reason why I'm still trying to get someone to work, but it looks like nobody's interested in game development :(. And here I thought it was going to be smooth going after I got the physics figured out...

Also, decided on a (probably) final title for the game. SPEEDY PUPS
(and here's a logo)

So the idea here was that all the popular games follow a certain ADJECTIVE NOUN pattern. Tiny Wings. Angry Birds. See it? I wanted the title of the game to reflect this, so we chose our adjectives and nouns very carefully (this is a joke, by the way). In all seriousness, I was trying to go for a Sonic-like feeling with the logo. IMO, it still looks a little...bland. It'll have to have a bit more work, but I think it's a start. The game's still coming out sometime next year at this current rate of progress :)

A couple of other random fun things updated. I decided I wanted to write more, so I added a review section to the site. You can read my somewhat embarassing opinions on the latest vidya+anime I play/watch. In addition, also made GamePanel, a simple game library based on marty's drawingpanel. I showed it to my section (along with a demo for a simple snake game), and I think they liked it. Easy enough to learn and make something in 1 hour. (I know I would have killed for this when I was learning programming :)). Finally, got a summer internship. GOING 2 SF BBBBBBBB~

Last bit, which I thought was funny. The site's been getting a lot of traffic, but not the good kind. Apparently all of the music I host has been scraped and is being linked to in all the mp3 search sites. Might need to do something about that...