My Best (Magical) Friend - LD34

Posted by SPOTCO on December 2015

If you haven't already played it, try our LD34 entry "My Best (Magical) Friend", a very japanese visual novel about friendship and cool magic powers.

And since this is always fun, here's some work-in-progress shots.


STEP 1: Write a bunch of stuff on pieces of paper.
STEP 2: Google docs because nobody else can read handwriting.
STEP 3: Plan out the whole story in MSPaint.
STEP 4: Write a little code.
STEP 5: Write some scripts. A lot of scripts. (This part took the longest!)

And voila, that's how a visual novel was made! Some screenshots of the final game:
/content/blogimg/girlsvn/final_1.png /content/blogimg/girlsvn/final_2.png

Give it a shot, and hope you like it! Was very interesting to do something story-based (since I usually do action).