Posted by SPOTCO on April 2017

Working on a MMO rhythm game (tentatively called "Robeats") on Roblox for a few months.
I wanted to do a rhythm game done right - social, "Roblox-y" and lots of retention/monetization hooks.
There have been a couple other rhythm games done on Roblox (like Rhythm Master by Xsitsu). None of them have been particularily successful either in monetization or popularity - this is something I hope to change.

My general idea is to something similar to the successful (in Japan) Idolmaster/Love Live mobile games:
Simple rhythm gameplay as the core, supported by RPG-ish progression.
My goal is to also have a ELO grind as the "core game". This is a model that's been shown to work (Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, etc) but hasn't really "happened" in Roblox yet.

Since starting, I've been regularly posting devlog updates on twitter.

It all started as a hackweek project. Here's what we had after a week.
Worked on gameplay polish over Christmas vacation.

Early lobby concepts:

Early lobby work:

Central tower work:


More gameplay work and re-adding 2D crowd:

Park + city

City/park work

Had Zappy00 come on and do some dance animations + song mappings.

Working on new UI styles.

Still in progress. Hopefully done (a v1 release) by the end of the summer.
Thanks to: Josh (2D and 3D art), Tom (2D UI work) and zappy00 (animations and song mapping).